Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jason Jordan, Center for Transportation Excellence

Jason Jordan, director of the Center for Transportation Excellence, joins the CTPodcast to discuss the 2012 election season's transportation ballot initiatives — and transit's success at the polls. Jordan, whose organization follows all transportation initiatives, says there were 62 total ballot initiatives in 18 states in 2012, of which 47 passed (a 76% approval rate). This success, according to Jordan, can be attributed to presenting the public with specific plans so they understand what they're buying; accountability and transparency; coalition building and community outreach; good messaging; and timing.

Listen Here (23:11)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mark L. Burton, University of Tennessee's Center for Transportation Research

Professor Mark Burton, Ph.D., Director of Transportation Economics at the University of Tennessee's Center for Transportation Research, discusses the role of rural public transportation in local economic development, with an emphasis on increasing regionalism, rural demographics and infrastructure investment. Additionally, the conversation turns to the impact of jurisdictional boundaries and the value of a mobile workforce. "Transportation is essential to any and all parts of the rural econom — it's fundamental," says Burton. 

Listen Here: (17:17)