Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Josh Baker, Transit Coordinator, New River Valley Community Services

New River Valley Community Services provides, among other services, community and public transit options in a four-country region in southwestern Virginia. Josh Baker – the organization’s transit coordinator – joined DigitalCT Editor Rich Sampson for an extensive podcast discussion on how the organization meets the region’s varying needs with a range or mobility options.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evan Goyke, Wisconsin State Assemblyman

Recently sworn in Wisconsin Assemblyman Evan Goyke discusses his views on community and public transit in this special edition of the CT Podcast. Representing the 18th District in one of the state's most diverse regions along Milwaukee's north side, Goyke is proud to say, "I'm a bus rider."  Assemblyman Goyke advises transit professionals and advocates on how to work with elected officials — stressing the importance of having them ride the system. He also covers his transportation goals for the term and challenges he expects in Madison.

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Ian Shackleton, Proterra VP Sales & Marketing

Proterra Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ian Shackleton joins the CTPodcast to discuss his company's innovative electric battery buses. With its fast-charge and even en-route charging, Proterra has taken a radically new approach to transit bus technology that it believes will help redefine public transportation. In this lively talk, Shackleton discusses Proterra's many innovations and how its buses not only passed Altoona testing -- the first all-electric vehicle to do so -- but their impact on operating expenses, maintenance costs and customer/community reaction. "We'd rather carry passengers than batteries," says Shackleton.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amber Blake, City of Durango, Colo.

Amber Blake, Multimodal Administrator for the city of Durango, Colorado, joins the CT Podcast to discuss the importance of the city's recently completed multimodal transportation master plan and its impact on the community. From auditing the local bike and walk network, to holding 75 meetings, Blake looks at the process of developing multimodal plans designed to shift local travel patterns away from single-occupant vehicles and onto transit, shared rides, bikes and walking.

Listen Here: (10:42)