Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rick Wood, President & CEO, CHK America

CHK America's President & CEO, Rick Wood, joins the CT Podcast to discuss the vital, but often overlooked, practice of transit wayfinding. Here, Wood covers the science of navigating through public spaces, the psychology of wayfinding and the 8-second rule as well as CHK America's role in developing cohesive sets of transit wayfinding systems. Fears about navigating a transit system safely and successfully, notes Wood, is often the single-most significant barrier to ridership growth. Listeners will learn that wayfinding is far more than just maps.

Listen Here: 22:04 

Dave Marsh, General Manager, Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS)

There is great value in the work that goes on across the country every day to connect rural residents with jobs, health care, education, shopping and all the other destinations that improve their daily lives. Here, CARTS GM Dave Marsh discusses the history of rural public transportation, including what has changed in the past 40 years — and what has remained. "We're all about getting things done and getting people places," says Marsh. "It's a daily reward to make these connections and we maintain that spirit and those values here at CARTS."

Listen Here: 23:09

Trillium's Aaron Antrim, Talks Transit Technology

Trillium's Principal, Aaron Antrim, joins the CT Podcast to discuss the evolution of transit scheduling trip planning and mapping technologies. "We work with transit agencies on making their systems easier to navigate," says Antrim of Trillium's goal. In this wide-ranging discussion, Antrim covers such vital topics as the power of multi-modalism, the future of real-time scheduling, the significance of industry-standard data formats and how Trillium's work enables more responsive transit networks.

During the podcast, Antrim references a key resource — The Many Uses of GTFS Data: Opening the Door to Transit and Multimodal Applications — that he authored along with CUTR's Sean Barbeau. It can be accessed here.

Listen Here: 28:55