Friday, January 31, 2014

You Can Go Home Again: Newly named Detroit DOT Director Dan Dirks on Turning Around Transit in the Motor City

Dan Dirks, who was appointed Director of the Detroit DOT on January 16 by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, joins the CT Podcast to discuss the commitment of Detroit DOT employees to reviving public transit across the city. From covering the current state of the system to the initial beginnings of what many hope is a remarkable comeback story, Dirks provides an inside look at the challenges ahead, the focus on customers and transit's role in facilitating Detroit's economic recovery. Born and raised in Detroit, Dirks certainly seems like the right person for this job.

Listen Here (25:06) 

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  1. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: How can an urban ghost town like Detroit support a public transit system? My family from Alabama migrated to the Motor City when Detroit was the thriving industrial center of the world, but even then my father used to criticize car dependency and lack of rapid rail transit in a city overrun by expressways. Last April my daughter and I visited Detroit and the John Lodge Expressway into downtown Detroit on a Friday night was deserted.